Thursday, February 15, 2007

Alternative Valentine's Day, & Guitar Heros

Last night we went to see John Mayer, as kind of a Valentine's Day treat, kind of because I had to teach my class for beginning librarians until 7:30, before we went to the show, and it was even less like a date because we went with my sweetheart's 14-year old son. Neither of us is that big a John Mayer fan - but he is. The show was at the Dane County Colisem, a hockey arena, not exactly an elegant or romantic venue, in fact the kind of place where you watch how you hang your coat on the back of your chair, so it doesn't trail into the spilled beer.

We had to inch, inch, inch in traffic, and when we got there, the opener, Matt Kearney, was playing his hit, that I had just heard on Leno a couple of nights ago, but it was Kearney's last song (and that's actually the song that's still stuck in my head today, not any of Mayer's).

Mayer was good, although I was kind of un-moved (and it took us another 20 minutes of the inch, inch, inch in traffic to get out of the parking lot) - it was funny then, that when I got home, there he was as part of a trio of guitar gods, on the cover of Rolling Stone.

All conspiring to not exactly put me in a valentine's day frame of mind, made me feel like a grandma, more like; John Mayer is what, 15? and Derek Trucks is under 30 (although he is married to an older woman, Susan Tedeschi) - John Frusciante is at least within spitting distance of 40 ....

I ate some chocolate and went to bed.

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