Monday, July 24, 2006


Got a book of these cool "crops of the Americas" stamps the other day - I like how, for this web picture, USPS crossed off the 39 cents-es, so you can't try to color print them and paste them on a letter

Once again, the house got all stuffed with leftovers and foods to be used up - went to farmers markets over the weekend, and got a CSA box last week - but I am planning - more restful to scheme about ways to use up the food in the fridge, instead of all the other things I really can't control ...
  • the cilantro and jalapenos and tomatoes and purple onions will become salsa tonight, to go with chicken tacos, and leftover rice from yesterday
  • the zuchini from my CSA box will become a gratin, with olive oil and tomatoes and olives, to go to the REAP potluck tomorrow
  • I brought the coffee cake that I made to use up the creme fraiche to work today, and I think it's disappearing - I put cherries in
  • I made a really good spicey Thai cucumber salad, with mint and cilantro and peanuts, from my Best of Vietnamese and Thai Cooking cookbook - this is the one that I bought used on Amazon for like $18, and got a signed-by-the-author copy - probably leftover from a book talk at a library or bookstore

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