Saturday, July 29, 2006

Moods and foods

The other day I heard a bit of yet another piece on the radio about why Americans are fat - and the theory in this particular bunch that stuck with me is that we are fat because of air conditioning - because we live artificially cooled lives, we continue to eat heartily in the summer, when, if we were really in tune with the seasons and our moods, our appetite would decrease.

I've read several diet books that advise you to only eat what you are really hungry for. I know that un-in-touch-ness is something that seems to be happening to me as part of getting old, or else it's menopause. Don't want sex, don't feel hungry (but still want to eat), just generally don't feel that good. I hope it's menopause, since then maybe it'll go away in a few years.

A couple of weeks ago I stopped keeping my palm diet and exercise diary - a little program I have in my PDA where I can record everything I eat, and how many calories I burn exercising. It's been good to quit - sometimes I think that due to early dieting - I went on my first diet at the age of 7, in 2nd grade, I lost 10 pounds, everyday for lunch I had 3 triscuit and spreading cheese sandwiches, and an orange, probably 250 calories, and I did 100 bent knee situps every morning and every night - for awhile I didn't know how to eat when I was hungry, but only how to eat when I was allowed to have 400 calories.

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