Sunday, July 30, 2006

Anniversary pie, and coffee cake experiments

Last weekend, I baked pie (for a party that a woman who works with my sweetheart has every summer, where all the food is pie) and coffee cake, and this weekend I baked pie and coffee cake.

This weekend's pie was raspberry-peach, for my hairdresser/friend's first wedding anniversary - she got married last summer and I made wedding pie for 200 at her wedding. So this year it seemed right to make an anniversary pie for her and her husband.
Last weekend's coffee cake was sour cream & cherry, made pretty much according to this ASHKENAZIC SOUR CREAM COFFEE CAKE (SMETENEH KUCHEN) Recipe at I liked it, and it really got snarfed at work, but it seemed a tad on the rich side to me - I used creme fraiche in place of the cup of sour cream the recipe called for, but since the creme fraiche was made from cream and sour half & half, it really was not richer than the original. Still, I wanted to try the cake with a slightly lower fat sour dairy, like whole milk yogurt.

It's been really hot, so the bananas are getting overripe before we can eat them, and I had a bowl full of blueberries in the fridge that were on the tart side - so this week's cake has blueberries instead of cherries and mashed bananas instead of sour cream and some coconut in the streusel. It's in the oven now, so we'll see.

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