Thursday, June 01, 2006

Now just a memory - Memorial Day

So we grilled on Memorial Day - I made some beef on a stick with some tenderloin I had in the freezer, marinated in a bourbon & mustard & honey marinade I got from the Chicago Tribune years ago, and peppers and mushrooms. I marinated some chicken too, but we had enough other stuff that I froze it instead of cooking it - we made 14 or 15 burgers. Rachael took sick at the last minute and Al went to someone else's house, so for teenagers it was John and 5 of his friends, and Lea & Miguel, and 6 grown-ups.

I think the best part was the salads - Susan made a ramen and cabbage slaw that was sort of like this, and I made a rice salad, with a vinaigrette dressing and currants, roasted peppers, peas and cilantro, and salt & vinegar potato salad from Gourmet that was supposed to taste like salt & vinegar chips, and it did.

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