Saturday, June 24, 2006

Eating in New Orleans

I had cafe au lait & beignets for breakfast at Cafe du Monde, the satellite location in the Riverwalk shopping mall. The kid that waited on me asked if my beignets were here or to go, that means plastic plate or bag, but he forgot to ask about the coffee so I got it in styrofoam instead of the heavy white china mug. I'll have to go again, I hope to the original Decateur Street one.

We had dinner at a place called Red Fish Grill - I had catch of the day, Drum, which I had never eaten before - the fish has the texture of beans or potatoes, mealy, not flakey. The salad was good, with pecans & Stilton, and a sweet dressing, but a little too much of it. The dirty rice was the best.

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