Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Walking to work conversation

He: Isn't it interesting that here we are, walking to our grown-up jobs, and we think being able to walk to work is a good thing - when we were kids, walking to high school and college, we always imagined ourselves driving to work, when were grown-up and successful.

hmmm, umm, I dunno, I guess I never bought that one - maybe 'cuz I'm a girl, never thought about having a car, and anyways, I never thought I'd have a grown-up job, I thought I'd just keep on doing what I liked - making art and making food - and eventually I'd earn a living from that. And when I was young, 18 and 20, I aways thought things would really change, the revolution would come, or some kind of environmental apocalypse, and no one would have grown-up jobs anymore.

Oh, I guess growing up in Washington D.C made me more cynical than that...

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