Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentines, the morning after

Nigel had a nice valentine's cook-for-your-sweetie dinner of linguine or spaghetti with white clam sauce (con vongole) and little hot chocolate puddings. The only problem with doing breakfast for Valentine's is missing the indulgence of a good dinner after waiting for it all day - after our valentines breakfast, I ate chocolate for lunch, and intended to simply have a piece of cheesecake for dinner - which would have actually been a fairly light supper, although of course lacking some of the major food groups - but also of course, once I was home, I ate a lot of other things, too, and I feel sufficiently Valentine's overindulged today.

To counteract the indulgence of Valentine's, Nigel has a miso broth recipe for February 15, and from the text sounds like he ate it plain, although the picture shows it tarted up with the noodles, Chinese greens, and tofu he allows as how miso broth will accept - I could make a nice miso soup tonight with Napa cabbage & tofu, but I think I will have chicken noodle instead.

Fridge of leftovers, chicken soup prominent.

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