Thursday, February 16, 2006

Snow Day!

We really didn't expect too much snow, because the forecasters had been carrying on way too much about how bad it was going to be. It started last night at about 8:00, and by morning there was only about 4 inches on the ground, but the sky was dark, dark, dark, and they closed the ciy schools - which never happens - they close the outlying communities all the time, but not in town.

After I shoveled the driveway and walk for the first time, the snow started again. By the time we shoveled again at 1:30 or so, there was at least another 6 inches, and I think it is still coming down. I found the state Dept. of Transportation road conditions weather map, and there are some highways out there that they have actually categorized as "Impassable" - most of the state is "snow covered and slippery". At work the windows got all covered with snow, and really made it seem like blizzard.

It was real heavy stuff for shoveling, but the reward was hot chocolate and grilled cheese.

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