Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Last cookie kind

This year the last cookie kind is the ruggelach, or nukhorns. That never happens, but I never broke my thumb halfway through cookie season before, either.

Most years, I make about 4 pounds of butter worth of ruggelach - about 4X my recipe - and I get the big square container plus a 5 quart ice cream bucket full. I usually try to make them on a Saturday, and spend half the day rolling them out. This year, I made 2 pounds of butter into the dough this morning, and just spent about 2 1/2 hours start to almost finish - I have to rubber glove my cast and go wash the cookie sheets. The big square container is full, but not to the brim, plus a small, probably 1-qt., plastic on the side.

Here's 2006 - 3 buckets - for comparison:

It will just have to be enough - maybe I'll only send them, and not put any out at the party ...

I think I like iPhoneroid better than the regular pictures - I love how it is posterized just enough, and it's got those magenta highlights - everything just comes out yellow when I shoot at night.

Last night I drank a cup of cocoa with a shot of bourbon thrown in and then took one of the vicodins with tylenol I got for my thumb pain, and I was sort hungover this morning. Tonight I'm sticking to regular tylenol, and the bourbon in a hot toddy. On to appetizers.

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