Sunday, December 06, 2009

Dancing with tears in my eyes

Dancing with tears in my eyes is an X song that I've always liked - I've never checked, but it could be a cover of a country standard. In an NPR interview, on the release of his album with the Sadies, I loved it when John Doe said, "Of course I've always listened to country music" (subtext being even though I'm an aging punker), "I'm a white guy."

Anyways it seems a good analogy - carrying on in the face of pain, for this year's cookie season, because this is going to go down in history as the cookie season when I broke my thumb, and carried on baking.

I'm in this splint now, and I go to see the hand specialist Tuesday. They already emailed him the x-rays of my hand they took Friday - I wanted to ask for a copy. They used a big old hunk of film to capture the image, but scanned it immediately and it showed up on the screen in the corner of the room. Kinda like John's process, with his large format camera.

So my two big worries are: 1) will I have more or less mobility after they cast me or do whatever they're gonna do Tuesday? I think I'm gonna try to make the ruggelach Monday night, and I am almost more worried about the Rose's Crescents, since every one of those center dents that makes the boomerang shape is the tip of my right thumb; and 2) when I go to this hand doc Tuesday, are they going to say I have permanently damaged myself? I mean, it's my right thumb, and I am right handed, and I'd like to have it actually work for another 30-40 years.

It also means not too many pictures - note the blurry quality in the left-hand-held iPhone picture - my camera shooting style kinda depends on a good right thumb. I'll try to get lots at the party.

Meanwhile, I'm getting really good at wiping down the countertops lefty, even my OCD wiping up the puddles under the dish drainer, that must be done as the close to any dish washing session. In fact, I'd have to say that I'm better at wiping counters lefty than I am at wiping my own ass, but perhaps that'll come with more practice.


polentama said...

Ohhhh my gawwwwd Deb.
Not surprised at all, however..that you are carrying on. Like our old neighbor John's pup. John put up an electrical fence...but the puppy wanted so badly to run wild that she would suffer the jolt, then take off with a smile. Nothing would stop her from doing what she wanted to do.

polentama said... in the hell did you break it?

Deb's Lunch said...

caught it on the bannister running down the steps from the 2nd floor - the docs say it is the ski pole break - what people get when they fall with their hand stuck in the strap of the pole - so hopefully, they've seen it before & know how to fix it!