Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Seattle & Northwest Trip Notes #3

I guess I had several days of doing pretty contrasting things on my trip - like the day I got up and biked in Seattle, then picked up a rental car, drove to SeaTac, got Mark, and finished in Portland with dinner at Clyde Common. Our last day in Portland was a little like that, all over again. We woke up in Portland, started driving back to Seattle and stopped to hike around at Mount Saint Helens. We did a mad dash to retrun the rental car, had coffee at Victrola (on Pike), made a detour to the giant REI to get coffee cups and water bottles to take to InfoCamp, and finally ended up at dinner at Poppy with a bunch of librarian friends, and their loved ones.

Poppy is Jerry Traunfeld's (of HerbFarm fame) new restaurant - he was the chef at Herb farm; he is the chef-owner of Poppy.

You get a whole platter of little tastes; they call it a thali. It's inspired by India, but not really India cooking.

The night we were there, we had a similar assortment to this one. To me, the best tasting things were the squash under the poussin, the burdock-ginger pickle, the beets, and the naan.

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