Sunday, October 18, 2009

Food of my Russian heritage

On the plane to Seattle, I read more of Mollie Wizenberg's A homemade life: Stories and recipes from my kitchen table. There's a recipe in it for cabbage braised in cream that sounded delicious to me. I wanted to make it the whole trip. By coincidence - or happy accident - I got a big head of green cabbage in my CSA box when I got back. Tonight I braised half of it in cream, and we ate it with kasha. When Rach went gluten free last summer, she gave me a big bag of buckwheat groats (although I am still not sure that buckwheat contains gluten, even though it has that wheat word in it, it's an entirely different grain). I didn't do it as kasha varnishkas, with bowtie pasta, just the groats, sealed with egg, boiled in veggie broth, with diced onion, celery and carrot, that had been cooked in vegetable oil tossed in - since the cabbage had so much cream and butter, I wanted the kasha to not.

Cabbage and kasha, a perfect combination - yummo. And it was sort of like high and low - the lowly cabbage braised in cream, served with buckwheat, that's been peasant food for centuries.

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