Sunday, August 23, 2009

A small friendly brunch

I made brunch for seven this morning, 2 regulars and their baby, three friends who come occasionally to the dining club, and one totally new person and her son.

The menu was:

Potato-zucchini pancakes, served with raspberry sauce & sour cream
Scrambled eggs - I offered to do eggs to order, since it was a small group, but everyone just ate scrambled anyways
Bread, butter & jam for toast - I had raison and long-rise no-knead whole wheat
Bacon, sausage, & vegetarian sausage
Coffee, juice and iced tea

My not-so-secret trick with the pancakes is to cook the potatoes, so they don't turn black - I always do this for Channukah latkes and hash browns, too. You boil the potatoes for about 13 - 15 minutes the day before, and then chill them - grate them the next day when they're cold.

I still like the iPhone fakeroids - that's all I took.

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