Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Not Good

For a worrywart like me, it wasn't good to go get something out of the deep freeze down the basement - butter, I think - on Sunday morning, to discover a can of juice that was thawing, and then to see that the freezer was unplugged. I think it was a marauding cat - one of them likes to sleep on top of the freezer - it's near her food bowl and warm on top - and she knocked a pile of baskets down that must've unplugged the plug. I checked to see if everything else seemed frozen and it did, so I just plugged it back in. But two hours later when the juice did not seem to be re-freezing, although, true, it is sugary, and also true, it was on the door, I panicked and decided I better defrost the whole thing and start over.

So I shleped all the stuff upstairs and into the three other freezers available in the house, and let the deep freeze thaw, and chipped ice, and mopped up water, and washed towels. Finally, I froze a test tray of ice cubes, and when that worked, I moved everything back, finishing up around 10 p.m.

But I guess - live & learn - it gave me a chance to inventory, and I decided I had a lotta frozen fruit. So I made blueberry crisp for the CHEW meeting Wednesday.

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