Sunday, July 05, 2009

4th of July: iPhone Fireworks and Peach Cake Sunday Morning

It hasn't felt like a particularly holiday-ish 4th of July weekend to me - I have a class that starts Monday, so I've been preparing for that, brought my computer home and everything. I didn't invite anyone over to grill yesterday, so I was only cooking for three, me, Mark & Ethan - Al and his camp buddies passed through, but did not stay to eat. The big Madison Fireworks, Rhythm & Booms, were ridculously early this year, scheduled for Saturday June 27th, rained out, and went off Sunday June 28th - we didn't go at all. And we went to the big Milwaukee party, Summerfest, on Wednesday (July 1) to see Bob Dylan, rather than ON 4th of July.

Rhythm & Booms is always the Saturday before 4th of July, so as not to eclipse the other communities and neighborhoods around Madison if they want to do their fireworks on the 4th - that's how it got so stupid early this year with the 4th a Saturday itself. So last night we biked over to the closest of those neighborhoods that does its own fireworks, the Village of Shorewood Hills. They set off their fireworks on the golf course - we watched from the parking lot of a state office building across the street. Kind of an obstructed view. The people next to us were listening to car racing on the radio - sounded like Indy cars, but at Watkins Glen, I guess it was the Camping World Grand Prix - I know I heard the announcer say Matt Kenseth, and seemed like it was a longish race. A nice bike ride over and back, and we felt like it was a good low key celebration of our Nation's birthday.

This morning I got up and walked, it's getting hot, and then made a cornmeal peach upside down cake, melding a couple of Martha recipes.

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