Monday, June 08, 2009

Lost weekend

So here it is late Monday, and I'm not sure what I did this weekend - or, what it feels like is I was busy, but didn't do anything productive.

Graduation for my foster daughter's high school was this weekend - she's within a hair of graduating - still has to finish 2 online courses, but she was part of a chorus that sang a song during the ceremony on Sunday, so she got to be on stage in cap & gown, and her name was in the program - she just didn't collect a diploma. Here are the pictures - I only took silly ones.

There was a grad party on Saturday organized by the parents of one of her friends. I made cookies on Friday night, in between moving furniture - Rachael's moving so I inherited a wicker couch from her, that looks absolutely perfect in the front porch at the dining club, and got Ruth's orange love seat back. It's my cats' new favorite place to sleep, reminding me that one of my childhood cats, Snoofy, liked sleeping on it too.

Then got up early on Saturday to boil potatoes and make coleslaw and a veggies & dip platter. We even squeezed in a visit to the farmers market. Took all the stuff to the party, and ate, and met grandparents and aunts and other members of the Middleton High School class of 2009; made small talk as long as I could.

I left at about 4:00 and went over to Bob Dylan Day organized by Ken Lonnquist - it was fun - a lot of good performers. But it was 52 degrees and rainy, and I left just before the grand finale, since I was just too cold.

Left there, came home, tried to warm up, and then went to see a movie - the Brothers Bloom.

Sunday was even worse - I think all I did was shlep kids to the Alliant Center for the graduation. I made a pretty good dinner - bok choy, and fried rice, and shrimp cooked in pineapple coconut juice - but no pictures.

Still, last night was probably better than tonight - I feel kind of gross from sampling cake edges from a cake for a baby shower tomorrow. I've got a bad crick in my neck (started last week after all the biking with a computer on my shoulder) - it's really hard to turn to the left. And I have been reduced to 'net surfing for interesting pictures, and taking stupid photobooth shots of myself.

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