Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shoulda made a setlist

This one's pretty cool, from the 3/21 show at Triple Door in Seattle. I saw them there myself in November of 2007.

I was at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, last show of the tour, April 19. I can't remember the order of anything; I know they did:

  1. What you is - from the new album;
  2. She belongs to me - Dylan cover, seemed appropriate for in Minneapolis
  3. Saturday Groovers
  4. Up to our Nex - from Rachel Getting Married
  5. Madonna of the Wasps - my fave to hear with Peter on guitar; the link to goes to one recorded 10 days earlier in NC
  6. N.Y. Doll, about Arthur Kane - lyric "I never finished the book"
  7. Brendan's Iron Sledge
  8. I'm falling "there's thin line between being well and being ill"
  9. Vibrating
  10. Authority Box - the guy who made this setlist didn't know the title; he got the "fuck me baby, I'm a trolly bus" lyric - that was the end of the regular set
  11. I got the hots for you, solo Robyn - the first encore
  12. The lizard
  13. Goodnight Oslo - ended the show, "this one goes out to Michele [Noach, Robyn's wife], but it's not about her or anyone you know"

And there what else - who remembers? And now that I am looking at YouTube videos from this tour, I wonder if the setlists correspond to Robyn's shirts? At the Varsity show, he started off in the tie die, and came out in the flowers for the encore. I wore the spots, myself.

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