Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Now I know what to call that resolution

Broken. I cooked a dinner last night for a group of women - interesting, members of a book club, with a lot of variation in age and outlook; one woman who said she'll be 60 when her daughter graduates high school; another who was already a grandma in her mid-40s - and I didn't take any pictures at all.

They ate:

  • Giuliano Hazen's pasta primavera
  • spicey citrus marinated chicken - marinade from an ancient Food & Wine, ca. 1989 - I did not have the thawed, frozen OJ concentrate called for, so I used pineapple coconut juice; subbed tomato paste plus extra water & fresh squeezed orange, lemon and lime juice for tomato puree; tabasco instead of cayenne. The other ingredients are grated orange, lemon and lime zest, honey, garlic, fresh thyme
  • Market salad - greens, radishes, steamed new potatoes, goat cheese, egg, fried capers, in a chive dressing - a little like this spring Ni├žoise
  • 2 kinds of focaccia: one with rosemary and golden raisons, and the better one, with my own roasted tomatoes, frozen from last summer, and olives
  • Kiss tart, or schaum torte - meringue with whipped cream and strawberries - I think I made it in a too-small pan, and it came out almost like angel cake with crunchy parts, rather than all crunchy the way meringues usually are - weather also conspired - see below
  • chocolate chip meringues - that I usually make for Passover, that got way too sticky when yesterday turned out humid - they were still good, but if you picked one up, you had to eat it, since it stuck to you -

I'll try to photograph some leftovers, tonight.

Leftover primavera in a green tupperware -
Leftover focaccia on a bed of waxed paper -

woo, how did these colors get so off? - seemed OK on my work monitor this afternoon -

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