Sunday, April 12, 2009

Not really Easter, and not really Passover, either

Well, I am still not completely happy with my matzoh balls. It's so hard to get good at those things you only make once a year - practice does help, although generally, I am with the Break Away Cook, Eric Gower, that I will very often take risks with preparing un-tried-before recipes for large groups. I think it's really the vision thing - if you have a vision for what it's supposed to be like, you usually get there - especially if you cook enough. You know how it's 'sposed to be - you can tell from reading the recipe, and only rarely get fooled. But some foods are so open to interpretation - and I believe matzoh balls are one of those foods - that how it's 'sposed to be is a moving target. Gourmet even ran a battle of the matzoh balls recently, and one of the comments was, "You prefer what you're used to". I think I am used to fluffy, but not too fluffy, vegetarian balls - the ones made by my non-Jewish mother, with whipped egg whites, and melted margarine - she would never have messed around with chicken fat.

Last year I made sinkers; this year, no doubt over compensating, I made floaters that were so floaty, they didn't have enough chew. (to me, anyways)

I used my standard formula, but this year used chicken fat for the oil, with chicken broth for the liquid, and tossed a little chopped parsley into the batter, but no grated nutmeg, and I think I missed that. Instead of a vegetable soup, I used chicken broth with small diced carrots, celery and scallions.

We didn't really have Passover this year - we were going to have our seder on Friday night, Good Friday, but the friends that we usually do Passover with are out in Washington with a hospitalized kid.

I bought a box of matzoh, I made the matzoh butter crunch.
It was truly delicious this year, because, since I made it as a snack for a librarian's meeting, instead of to accompany the seder, I used real butter instead of margarine - usually our Passover's a meat meal.

Today, Easter Sunday, I made scrambled eggs with ham for breakfast - that seemed appropriate. And Matzoh ball soup for dinner. And, in lieu of Passover wine, I was going to open a bottle of Prosecco - I figured sweet is sweet - but Mark had a Cava, so we opened that instead.

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