Saturday, January 24, 2009

ALA Midwinter

We're in Denver for the American Library Association Conference. I like Denver - it still has a slight raw frontier feel to it. Or maybe it's just that the librarians are sharing the convention center - that has a big blue bear leaning against the windows, looking into it - with an outdoorsy group, the International Sportsmen's Exposition. As I was walking to the convention center this morning, there were librarians in business casual to business smart all around me, and three big guys in varying styles & colors of camouflage and blaze orange vests, boots, and hats.

This morning I got a scone from the snack bar in my hotel that was so bad, the pre-packaged granola bars supplied by my organization for my meeting were tastier - it was doughy and bland, the cranberries in it didn't taste like much, and the walnuts were bitter. Which meant that by 3 p.m., I had eaten 2 bites of the scone, and 2 granola bars - I went to corner bakery (anyone who's ever lived in Chicago always feels at home in Corner Bakery) and ate a chopped salad, with bleu cheese, chicken, avocado & bacon, to get some protein in.

Last night we went to a place called twelve, that prides itself on seasonal and local. It was good, but the staff was so involved with giving homage to the food, that customer service languished.

Deconstructed duck
Salad - shaved beauty heart radishes
My place setting
Pork with Savoy Cabbage
Shrimp with beans and andouille

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