Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Christmas stollen that ate New York

I decided to make stollen, German Christmas coffee cake, because it used to be in the goodie boxes my grandmother sent us. I used the Joy of Cooking recipe, because it's the most like what my grandmother used to send (actually, I am pretty sure the Joy recipe IS the recipe she used). I had a vague recollection that the last time I made it (1988? Al's first Christmas) that it made a lot, and I flirted briefly with the notion of making only half.

But, I thought, oh it's Christmas be lavish - make the whole batch. So, I ended up with S T O L L E N - a LOT of it. I only sugared one, figuring I'd need to freeze the other.

The house smells really Christmas-y - too bad it's just about time to head out and shovel more snow.

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