Friday, October 31, 2008

Political pumpkin

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email with some stencils attached, so you could carve an Obama for president pumpkin - and there's a web site with pictures, too. I liked the Howard Rheingold, smart mob, flavor of all these people, including me, getting an email with a pumpkin pattern, and carving similar pumpkins, so I made one - even though other years I have always made jack-o-lantern, smiley face pumpkins.

I got some pix of it, but when I went to see if the candles were still lit at about 10 p.m., it had been stolen. Not smashed in the street in front of our house, just gone.

I've been hearing about people getting campaign signs stolen or torn up, on both sides, and that seems mean spirited enough. I think stealing a pumpkin is particularly low form of bullying, whether the pumpkin's political or not.

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