Sunday, October 05, 2008

Just not keeping up with that blogging thing

It was Thursday the last time I even thought about writing something - I was cooking to baseball and the V.P. debate (I was starting to prep for a dinner for 18, that became 20, that took place Saturday night, it was a nice menu, but the meal ended with a car crash - some drunk kids careening down the street outside hit 4 parked cars, including one that belonged to some of the dinner attendees) but somehow I got sidetracked, and here it is Sunday night, I should be paying bills and cleaning the cat litter.

There's plenty of stuff to worry about, and get sidetracked by. I keep reading my brother's doom & glooming about the collapse of Wall Street - then I go to look at how much I have lost, on paper - my half of the stock we both inherited from our parents is worth a mere eyelash more than what it was when I got it; it's been as much as 50% more - but, it's all on paper, right. On a happier note, my TIAA-CREF is up $1,000 from Friday.

John's not feeling good, been sick since last Tuesday, and I have been having mysterious aches & pains too - I had pretty well convinced myself that I had all the symptoms of diabetes, and then it miraculously turned into the standard complaints of one of my chronic sinus infections.

Al's debit card number got jacked - as did mine at the beginning of September - and I had to talk him through the hassle of that, reporting all the fraudulent charges to the bank.

All our Wisconsin teams lost: the Brewers lost - baseball's done, I guess. The Packers lost, too - even Bucky lost, although my bros Stillers won late last night.

I have 2 more trips for work this month, how'm I gonna manage that, and two more meals to make.

I'm not blogging enough or taking pictures enough - the pies last night in particular were just about perfect, and they completely missed their photo op.

Well, it's all on paper, right - or on the computer screen - and tomorrow's another day. Despite his gloom & doom, the bro said it better: "Who cares if I’m broke, old, and disenfranchised; my bike rides like a dream." And his football team won, too.

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