Friday, October 10, 2008

Cooking for the pantry

[granola picture by David Corby from Wikipedia granola article]

Last night,I thought I might make these wraps for dinner, from the emails I get from Lynne Rosetto Kasper's Splendid Table - but, instead, we ate some Navy bean soup that I had thawed out, leftover from one of last winter's one-dish dinners. That's good, though, because I used the time to cook for the pantry - I made granola 'cuz we were out, and I made dill dip to use up the nice bunch of dill I got in my CSA box.

I think this particular batch of bean soup, real, US Senate Navy bean, with a little potato thrown in for thickening, was from Joy of Cooking, my 75th anniversary edition, that I like better and better all the time, (although I am sure the soup's in my older, 1970s Joy that I went to college with), but there's also a good one in The Ovens of Brittany Cook Book.

Which is actually where I will have to turn to use up the rest of that bunch of dill - by making the dill mustard sauce, which is just mayo and Dijon mustard and hot sauce and lemon juice and lots of dill, dried or fresh. It was served with all the sandwiches when I worked at the East Side Ovens of Brittany, but us cooks & waitstaff loved to dip our fried potatoes in it - and I think eventually brunch customers, civilians, began asking for it to go with their potatoes, too.

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