Monday, September 29, 2008

Dining in D.C. part 2 - pizza in Georgetown

Naturally, since we were traveling on Mark's birthday, Northwest (a.k.a. Northworst) Airlines devised an extra special birthday present for him - they lost his bag. We got into D.C. late Thursday, and Mark either borrowed my toothbrush, or just rubbed on a little toothpaste with his fingers - what goes on in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom - and we went out for our big dinner at Nora. The next morning, we wandered around DuPont Circle, didn't find anything at the Gap there, and went over to Georgetown, where the same Gap stuff looked better somehow. We bought him a blue blazer, and white shirt and a t-shirt, and I succumbed and signed up for a Gap credit card so everything was 20% - we got everything for the cost of the jacket; about $90.

We walked around some more, had a nice chat with the guy at the bike rental place, literature - Neil Gaiman and Philip Pullman & politics - and then decided we were due a little lunch. We got pizza at Paradiso (they have two locations in D.C; one you could spit on from our hotel, if you were a pretty good spitter. We went to the farther away one in Georgetown). I had the green pie, parsley pesto, sausage, potatoes & onion, with a some kind of Oktoberfest beer; Mark had their Atomica: tomatoes, tomato sauce, hot salami, red pepper flakes, and sun-dried tomatoes subbed in for the black olives. And a micro brew root beer - Virgil.

I love the chairs - sturdy wood painted several colors - and the staff wore shirts that said "Eat your pizza". When we got back to the hotel, the bellman was wheeling Mark's bag to the elevator to take it up to our room.

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