Sunday, August 10, 2008

Remember those apricots?

Yesterday I had one of those days where everything was a little bit off. Not big disasters, just a whole succession of little things that just did not go exactly right. Like Rachael said, a grouchy-making day.

We started off with the farmers' market, and we were thinking about grilling for dinner, so I bought provisions to make a meal - meat for burgers, potatoes and squash to grill.

We were thinking about grilling for dinner, so I was trying not to eat too much, so's to save my appetite for barbecue'd delights. I had a banana for breakfast, and then a little later some leftover cold Thai veggies. Then I went for a walk.

Mark came down at about 2:00 and said his son would not be with us for grilling, and did I care to join him for a walk to get a cup of coffee - but I had a haircut & dye job at 2:45. By then I was pretty hungry, so I made a graham cracker & Nutella sandwich and wolfed it in the car on the way to hair.

I spilled my cup of water at the hair salon - when they take you over to the table where you can read magazines while you process, the hairdresser always asks, "would you like a beverage?" I shifted around in my chair, and touched my hair, and got color on my shorts. My hairdresser spritzed the shorts and said just wash'em as soon as I got home, but when I got home, Al and his camp friends had finally showed up and taken over the laundry room - I had to wait to do my load of wash until the camp kids were done, and then, even though I'd been trying so hard no to eat, every alternative pair of shorts I put on was too tight.

Al & crew's plan was to go to another camp kid's house and eat pizza and watch the Olympics - so no grilling for them either.

Mark & I couldn't decide what we wanted to do - I ended up having potato chips & fruit salad for dinner; Mark had popcorn, and we watched I'm Not There - which, for anyone who knows anything of Dylan lore, is laugh-out-loud funny in quite a few spots.

I baked the apricots, trying to recreate a recipe I last made something like 20 years ago, for the dessert of a summer meal. John & Al were little and my brother and father were visiting. There was trout baked in parchment with diced carrots & celery & onions & ginger & white wine; I must've made rice of some type, and maybe a salad, then the baked apricots - you split the apricots open and pitted them, and then put a spoonful of sugar in where the pit was, and baked them. (back then I had and used a baby spoon; all I could find at the back of the silverware drawer this time was plastic spoon that came in a box of Coco Puffs, with a twisted handle that the coo-coo for Coco Puffs bird spins down) Anyways, since I was upstairs watching a movie, the apricots got a little too done - they were kind of warm apricot mush with my ice cream.

Today, I turned those apricots into glaze for Plum Frangipane Tart.

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