Sunday, August 03, 2008

A non-Lollapalooza weekend

Mark and Ethan went to Lollapalooza this weekend; lots of other people I know did too. There were some good bands - I would have liked to see Raconteurs or Iron & Wine or Wilco, and all reports were that Radiohead was awesome. But there's just something about devoting that much time - 3 days - to wandering around from stage to stage at Grant Park, that, after doing it last year, I just didn't want to do it again. It's too much - I'd rather go spend 4 hours of one evening at a club and hear a couple of bands, than such a surfeit.

So I did all kinds of other things - on Friday I went to see Brideshead Revisited revisited, at the fancy Sundance cinema - there were lots of handsome middleaged couples, both gay and straight.

On Saturday, I went to the farmers market to shop for the brunch, and kind of puttered, and helped Al do an online orientation for U of MN. I finally made it to the Sugar Maple Fest at 6:00 - I got there during Mike Seeger. It was at the group camp at Lake Farm Park - what a nice place. I wish I had ridden my bike out there instead of driving.

On Sunday, I made brunch for 15. It was a nice menu:

Yeasted coffee cake with raspberry filling (I got the raspberries at the market Saturday, and immediately made them into filling as soon as I got home)
Tortilla Espanola, that I practiced last week
Green salad
Breads for toast - the giant challah, and almost-no-knead-whole wheat, one plain and one with raisons & pecans.

I had signed up to donate a cheese tray to the new Obama HQ on Monroe St. - I picked it up at Willy Street, and dropped it off with some crackers and a few slices of the challah. I was curious to see what a newly opened campaign headquarters would be like - I went to do some phone canvassing for Kerry and other Dems kind of late in the campaign in the fall 2004, and the HQ was a mess - donated food moldering on every surface, trash that had not been taken out for weeks, smelly bathrooms. Obama's new place in a former futon store was still neat and clean (although there already was an overabundance of donated food in the back room), but I decided not to wait around for 20 minutes on the off chance of hearing Mayor Dave, and maybe Gov. Doyle (an early Obama endorser) speak.

All in all not a bad weekend - there were a few phone calls from John in there, when he was trying to find a PetCo, and grill a steak - I'm just hanging out now waiting for everyone to get home. I didn't get enough exercise, but at least I did laundry.

Oh, and I made these pretty little berry-topped puddings, too.

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