Thursday, June 05, 2008


That banana cake was not a good model ... or I'm not a good photographer, even with my nifty tripod, take your pick. But the shots of it at night, even though you could see how the icing was melting just a bit because I frosted it without waiting for the cake to completely cool, as all the cook books tell you to - were too dark. I frosted the cake at something like 11:45 - I watched Steven Spielberg's Empire of the Sun on cable, and it was just as gorgeous to look at and utterly confusing as it was when I watched it on VHS 20 years ago - but I wasn't waiting around any longer, instead planning to slap on the frosting and shove the cake in the fridge, after I got it to pose.

I cut a slice to take or lunch, and got it to pose again in the morning when the light was better - but the photo's weren't better.

The cake's texture was perfect when I ate it for lunch.

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