Tuesday, June 10, 2008

REM in T.O.

The R.E.M show was really good, the Toronto Globe & Mail said Three decades on, R.E.M. still rocks

The paper also pointed out that there were plenty of oldies interspersed with the new stuff - here's the setlist; I believe it was the first outing of Losing My Religion this tour**; there were lots of other oldies they coulda played for my money - probably the biggest disappointment for me is that they did Seven Chinese Brothers from Reckoning, and I wanted to hear Harborcoat - it was running through my head because, since we were staying on the lakefront in Toronto, every third business was Harbour- whatever.

They brought out Johnny Marr from [the Smiths] Modest Mouse to play Fall On Me, the second to last of the 5 encores; he & Peter Buck w/ twin black & white Rickenbackers - and I think that was the end for Peter; his playing on the last encore, Man on the Moon was pretty uninspired, by my lights.

This picture is from St. Paul, but Toronto looked pretty much the same:

**Man was I off on that one - they've played Losing My Religion almost every night - I mean of course, they have to - it's the big hit; liking R.E.M. from before Losing My Religion is like liking the Grateful Dead from before Touch of Grey/In the Dark; in Vancouver they also played Gardening At Night (from the first EP), they've done Shaking Through and We Walk (Murmur), and Gorge WA got that Harborcoat I was looking for. Don't see any Catapults, though.

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