Monday, May 19, 2008

What was that about?

I had an art show at the Supper Club house on Saturday - it was great fun - 11 artists, counting me, made a batch of site-specific pieces. There was a woman woven into a web of red thread in the porch, a padded stove and chair in the living room, along with a big red blotch lurking in a corner "Family Secrets", and a video about scraping paint & wallpaper to put up fresh paint, the way you do everytime you move into a new house, projected on one of the walls, with a layer of paint scrapings and dust on the floor beneath it.

I stood in the kitchen and served cake. The built in sideboard was adorned with jello. In the backyard, there was an artist grilling, and sometimes sitting in a lawn chair surrounded by unmowed grass and crushed beer cans, with a cooler of PBR, telling stories. Megan painted newspaper white and hung it on the clothesline. Nicole had a tea party. There was a video with water sounds in the bathroom, and photos of windows next to the windows.

And there was the piece I took part in, Lisa and Angela scrounged the ingredients for cookies from the neighbors,and we baked 4 kinds - ribbon cookies, bonbon cookies, ginger creams, and French lace cookies, on Thursday afternoon. I had always been afraid of French lace cookies, but these worked fine, and I even rolled them up.

Angela's slideshow on Flickr

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