Thursday, April 03, 2008

Weird luck

This was going to be entitled "Kvetching", but things took a turn.

I left work early to go shop for the early spring dinner. It was one of those typical shopping trips where I was making compromises with myself - asparagus was over $5 per bunch, so I'm going to use broccoli in the primavera as well; I bought some things at the co-op that I could get cheaper elsewhere, because is it really cheaper elsewhere, after adding on the time & gas costs - but mostly I was finding everything I wanted.

A very young looking staff member asked me if I wanted help bagging, and I said yes, but had a feeling ... She put two deli containers of olives into one of my bags sideways, so that the oil from them had soaked through the bottom of the bag by the time I put my hand under it to put it in the car - and the other residents of that bag were not things that take kindly to olive brine: butter, chocolate, milk in cardboard. So, no big deal, I thought, I went back into the store to get another bag, looked around for the person, to see if I could say, "hey, in future ...", repacked everything, and took off. I had another stop, and by the time I got home, I noticed telltale wetness seeping from another one of the bags packed by my friendly bagger. I pulled out a box of pasta, one of the items I had bought for a high price, and the wetness had glued the end of the box to the bottom of the bag, and all the pasta fell out. And glue is about right - this creeping wetness was a broken egg, from a carton shoved in sideways between heavy items.


Still, not too bad, the shopping was done and all put away, and I had 10 minute to wolf down some crackers and tea, and start walking downtown for the opening movie of the WI Film Fest, OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies, a spoof of every spy movie, and every spy movie spoof - the lead actor was kind of like 007 meets Inspector Clouseau meets Borat. I got there with the requisite 15 minutes to spare, and I even went all the way to the back of the with-tickets line, but when I got into the theater, I stuck my hand in my pocket, and no ticket - it must've fallen out somewheres along the way. I was a little panic-ed; I was supposed to be saving seats for Mark and Ethan, but I just bought another ticket and went on in. Once again, it was all's well that ends well, I just wish I had liked the movie better since it cost me $14, dammit.

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