Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Shock & Awe - in WI

Yesterday John called me at quarter to 11:00 to tell me Brett Favre was retiring. I went out for coffee and by the time I got back to the office, there was a statement on the Governor's web site, thanking Favre for his years of service to the Pack, and our state. At Starbucks, there were 2 guys about John's age sitting at the next table. One was a Packer fan and one was a Bears fan. They both were sad about Favre's retirement, but the Bears fan was more upset than his Packer-fan counterpart, asserting that now the Packers would draft some new young QB, and the Bears would never beat them. I related this story to John and he was not comforted, probably because the Bears never beat the Packers that much, anyways.

All the papers have Favre on their covers; the WI State Journal headline was "Farewell" in about 80 point type. The afternoon (liberal) paper, the Capitol Times (which is about to stop printing; they'll be a weekly insert in the WSJ, and Web-based the rest of the time) had Favre on the cover yesterday AND also today (today yet, like we say in WI).


John sounded almost back to normal today - and I just saw on that Brett's gonna do a live press conference at Lambeau field tomorrow; you can even watch on your computer. I wonder if Favre'll cry - sounds like just the kind of offbeat football bet my bro would go in for - whaddya think the odds are on that, Dave?


dashap said...

Tears, FTW!

Deb's Lunch said...

yeah, and what a win - I couldn't find anyone to bet Brett would NOT cry! I love Wisconsin - I was walking down State St., and there were two guys approaching me and one of them was saying "didn't even get through one sentence before he started crying" and we all knew who "he" was!