Friday, March 21, 2008

Hamentaschen & almond puddles

How did that happen? Today is Purim, Good Friday, and the last (maybe) big snow storm. And spring break. I took the day off, and among other things, made Hamentaschen, using the leftover filling from the Italian fig cookies I always make at Christmas, Cucidate, and some almond filling I had in a can from King Arthur flour - I had used it with raspberry jam to make my version of Heidi's mega scones for the yoga and tea in February.

Well, the fig ones are pretty much properly three-cornered, but the almond ones unfolded themselves in the oven, and are round ....

Just one of those cooking unpredictable-ness things that happen to even us experienced cooks ...

Now I guess I better start shoveling.

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