Saturday, February 09, 2008

Yoga tea party

Rach and I did a gig at the supper club today - Yoga & tea party - an hour of yoga taught by Rach, followed by food prepared by me.

We had a small group, 3 students plus the two of us, but we both broke even for the food & instruction, and as we agreed, I got a free yoga class, and she got a free lunch.

I made real tea party food - sandwiches & scones. Curried egg salad on whole wheat, olive-pecan on rye rounds, and cucumber with watercress & parsley butter on little cocktail breads. In honor of the healthy theme of the event, I did not slather all the breads with butter as usual for tea sandwiches, and they still tasted good. Pumpkin scones, with dates. I also tried a recipe from Heidi of 101 Cookbooks, a filled scone that she calls a mega-scone, where, instead of making wedges, you just roll the scone dough into a rectangle, fill it, and flop the edges over, like folding a business letter. Then you can cut off as large or small a piece as you'd like to eat, which also seemed appropriate for the occasion (and there are less places for the filling to ooze out.) I followed Heidi's recipe pretty exactly, but could not bear to use 3 TBLS of baking powder - I only used 2 - and I used 2 cups unbleached white and 2 cups whole wheat flour, rather than all whole wheat. Oh, and I just remembered after looking at the picture - I used some canned almond filling from King Arthur Flour, Almond Schmear, as well as the raspberry jam.

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