Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Skiing mini-break

We went up to da U.P. to ski - man, they have a lot of snow there.

We skied at a place called ABR, that is reputed to be some of the best XC skiing in the Midwest, and the rumour surely must be true - it was beautiful, the only problem was not enough time to ski a fraction of it.

We also got to check out two coffee bars, one apres ski, and the other avant de drive home - the before driving one was obviously the Christian coffee bar. Contemporary Christian music burbling along in the background, slogans everywhere, and 3 kids being home-schooled. It was nice and big, with plenty of tables to use your computer on the free WiFi. Oh, and they had this pale pink toilet paper that looked reddish when it got wet - unnerving ... We preferred the cluttered-with-magazines, wicker chairs and faux fiesta ware at the other place, without the big tables and the Christian overtones.

I tried to take pictures of the sunlight at the end of our ski day, with mixed success.

Today was one of those "aw, shit, why did I ever take 2 days off, I have too much to do" type back to work days, and tomorrow I am supposed to drive to Brookfield for a librarians' meeting, with 1 - 3 inches of snow in the forecast.

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