Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ice and snow

I'm sitting at the computer listening to gobs of ice fall off the roof. It's nice and sunny out, 25 degrees and fair, and I have been thinking about going for a walk, but I am still feeling not quite up to par. I want to plan spring menus, shake off the winter doldrums, and cook lots of food for my kids, but in reality, Al's in Madison, but off at a movie, Mark & Ethan are running errands, and John is in Milwaukee, not scheduled to be back here until next weekend - in other words, even if I want to cook, not many eaters around. And I think John's not-girlfriend, who had gone home to Iowa, has finally got back to Milwaukee, because he hasn't been calling me so much since Wednesday.

I'd like to make a stirfry, with a sweet sour sauce from Mollie Katzen, and cashews; and mac & cheese, but Mark seems to want to go to a movie, and I'd sort of like to go the Steven Sondheim's Follies, at the Union Theater tonight.

So mostly I'm trying to make the most of my Saturday, and trying to figure out how.

After the flat last Friday, this Friday (yesterday) Al got the car stuck in the snow - about 3 blocks away, in front of my walking friend, Pat's, house - on a bad turn where people get stuck all the time. When Al called to tell me he was stuck, he only had to describe his position for about 10 seconds, and I knew exactly where he was. Brad, Pat's husband, and a passing runner helped, but even with 2 people digging and 3 people pushing, the front wheels of the front wheel drive car were stuck going down hill, so I had to call the auto club again for a tow. The big truck with the flashing lights turned out to be great dinner theater for Pat's and their visiting friends' kids - the only downside was that my stomach was still way too iffy for the cocktail or wine they offered while I waited. And I really didn't feel up to the salmon and green salad with beets and goat cheese either - not to mention the fact that I still have a gigantic bag of salad greens leftover from Monday's dinner, the majority of which is probably going to end up in the compost.

Here's snow pictures from last week's Saturday a.m. walk to the Willy St. Board retreat.

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