Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sounds over the top, but ...

I made these Banana, Poppy, Orange, Ginger and Chocolate Muffins from Waitrose Food Illustrated for breakfast today. It is currently in Madison, although I wouldn't actually call it all that sunny anymore, because it's about 4:00 p.m. and starting to get dark, and I am having about the laziest day of my life. It's frigid out, and I have a cold, so seemed a good excuse. I did shower and dress, but have not gone outside at all.

Anyways even, though they sound like too much, I had all the ingredients for these Banana, etc. muffins, without going out and buying anything. The muffins on the left are from the mag; the ones on the right are mine - I think I am the equal of the WFI test kitchen cooks, but not their photographers ... yet.

I am going to make my bottom of the veg bin stir fry for dinner, so I can continue to stay in and buy nothing - or else curried cauliflower.

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