Saturday, November 10, 2007

Having fun, but ...

Al's in town for the weekend, but for a sad reason - a girl from his school died from complications of bulimia, and he came back for the funeral. It's the first time someone he's been this close to has died - she was a good friend of his old girlfriend, and one of his best friends dated her for awhile.

The girl who died was part of a big blended family; she has 4 stepbrothers, lots of connections. Mark's son Ethan played soccer with one of the stepbrothers. Al and a bunch of the kids went over to the Dad's house last night, and when he came in last night, he said, "you know, I'm having fun, but I'm not happy."

I hear you, son.

Recently I seem to be stalking that elusive feeling of well-being - I get there momentarily, and then it just evaporates. Everything bothers me - how I look, my job, not having anyone to cook for, the veggies I need to use up, Mark & I are usually not on the same schedule, eating-wise, so last night I made a delicious spinach salad, that he didn't want to eat with me, so 2/3 of it's still in the fridge (I'll probably be able to finish it for lunches next week).

How messy my house is -

Al's room, even though he left for college 3 months ago ...
John's room, even though HE left for college 2 years ago ....
UN-sorted newspapers and mail & magazines & catalogs on the kitchen counter
Basement TV room, even though no kids are coming over since August .... note open chip bag
Shelves in the living room - when I can to look at this house, the people I bought it from had family photos in this corner, on a glass-topped table - we have IKEA shelves with old toys, CDs, and bits of computer peripherals (like an external 3.5 floppy disc drive for an ancient Mac ...) note my mother's tea service on top.

How messy my yard is - the leaves that need to be raked. I thought I'd cure myself by buying a new rake, and doing that 2nd installment of leaf raking - it kinda helped, but I picked up a lot of burrs, which was annoying.

But maybe there's a simple explanation - I just saw my horoscope for today in the paper, and it said I should close the blinds and sleep all day, so no wonder I'm so out of sorts - I'm sure tomorrow I'll be all better <grin>.

And there's only 3 of the cinnamon scones I made this morning left, and I made them small, so there were 12 (not counting the ones I stuck in the freezer ...)

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