Monday, October 08, 2007

Weekend in Denver (& Boulder)

We went to Colorado for the 2007 LITA Forum. We stayed at a mighty plush Mariott in downtown Denver - they had a nice hospitality room where you could eat breakfast off real plates, with a fully stocked honor bar, that I unfortunately did NOT make use of, since they closed the room up after Friday breakfast - I paid for all my drinks, except for a free glass of red wine at the Friday reception.

On Thursday, we went down to Boulder for dinner, $3.75 on the bus, just couldn't get there in time to see this cool-sounding, show at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art; or maybe important -sounding is more to the point - it's about climate change. We ate at a fusion Latin place, Centro Latin Kitchen, where we sat outside, and split a wild mushroom & cheese quesadilla, and I ate pork tacos and drank a mojito; Mark had an enchilada, with about everything in it - chicken, shrimp, and a fried egg on top.

On Friday, we got to go walk & jog on the Cherry Creek footpath through Denver - it follows the blue line by Speer - I saw a huge Great Dane - it was like a pony. Then conference stuff all day, but we eschewed Hollywood Librarian showing to go eat dinner at the Red Square EuroBistro, and drink vodka shots. I am still not sure if we left a tip.

On Saturday, an even longer day of conferencing, interspersed with a bit of John disaster - he slept through a mandatory training session for a job he could've had at Panera bread ... he set his alarm in his cell phone, and then left it on silent so he didn't hear it go off - I didn't call him either, I'm such a bad mom. I 'spose he is just not meant to work at Panera. Dinner was a "networking dinner" - a big crowd of LITA folk, at Old Chicago for pete's sake .... but there was a neon sign for a beer I'd like to try, Fat Tire - really, I'd like to have the sign, a nice neon bike. I had some kind of wheat beer, but not as good as Island Wheat.

Sunday there was just one session, and a closing keynote, so we had time to tourist - we went up to the art museum and the capital, and ate at a Johnny Rocket's. Burgers, shakes, floats. Good thing we loaded up on grease - the trip home was the usual - got out of Denver just a tad late, had to run to catch our last-flight-of-the-day back to Madison, in the Minneapolis airport - where everyone was watching the Packers, and didn't want to get on the plane anyways - then they loaded us on, and said, oh oops, there are lines of heavy rain passing through, so you have to sit on the runway for 30 mins .... and they didn't even tell us the score, so I hadda wait till this morning to see that the Pack lost. Steelers won for my bro, though.

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