Saturday, October 27, 2007

Children can be such a disappointment

I suppose it's been said by many more wise than I, and for far more profound reasons, but kids sure can be a disappointment sometimes.

Both of mine are back for the big halloween weekend in Madison. Al came back Thursday late afternoon, and called when he was about to get on his way to let me know that the turn signals in the car were out. I quick made him an appointment at the garage for Friday, when he was going to have to run around and do a bunch of errands anyhow - but then he decided he had more important things to do than get the turn signals fixed - putting his costume together, getting beer, and driving his friends around, I think ...

Maybe childless people have the best perspective - when I told my childless friend Rach about how annoying it's been driving the car with no turn signals, she just said "little fucker"; I was still coming up with excuses for Al's not getting them fixed.

And John came back last night, we had a blast putting him into his costume - he was Johnny Depp's drug dealer character in Blow - he bought some $15 aviator shades at Walgreens and I made him a bindle of Wondra - he looked great. He was wanting to get on the road back to Milwaukee fairly early today, Saturday, so I was 'sposed to call him at 10:00 - and now of course he's not picking up ...

And the final straw - they're not even really around to eat - I thawed some stuff, planning to have some of their favorite foods - Al did eat the mac & cheese and the home made frozen pizza - but I think I'm going to be taking the Halloween cookies - made from a block of frozen dough I unearthed in the freezer, looking for frozen pie crust to make Al's birthday peanut butter pie - to work next week. He ate a slice of the pie, too - I guess he's my good child for today.

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