Thursday, September 20, 2007

What to write about -

Since Sunday, I've been logging in and struggling to come up with something to write about - all that comes to mind are random impressions, that have not really solidified into clear thoughts - probably I need to go in the basement for a safety break and write down everything I think of, like my brother did not too long ago.

Here's the list, sans the safety break:

  • I'm participating the WI Eat Local Challenge, sponsored by a University Center here on the UW- campus, the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems. They are doing the challenge in a researchy way, simply having participants keep track of their expenditures on local food, but they are hoping to collect more the visceral, enjoyment of food aspects, in various 'blog posts.
  • The local food co-op that I'm currently on the Board of, went and hired a special events coordinator, even though I sent them my highly qualified resumé for just this type of position ... never saw the job posted either - so I assume it was an inside hire ... I hope!
  • I went to the Willy Street Fair on Sunday, and somehow spent 3 1/2 hours, instead of one or 2. Missed the parade, but saw Honor Among Thieves; didn't hold some friends' new foster child, but played with her and pushed the stroller. Monday I walked up to the Capitol Square to drop off my glasses to finally get new lenses, and spotted the bass player, back to his workaday life as well, on lunch break sipping coffee and reading the paper in the ourside seating of a coffee bar.
  • <whine>And I feel like my back-up, "disaster glasses" in my family's parlance, that I am wearing while my new lenses get made, make me look cross-eyed. And the near correction is not on the lenses where I expect it to be, so I am getting neck aches, too, and taking my glasses off to read things, and make entries in my PDA. </whine>
  • Did some more recipe testing - chicken breasts stuffed with toasted pumpkin seeds, jalapeños, and cheese, topped with a sauce made from cooked pureéd winter squash - I liked the concept of sauce & stuffing being made from different parts of the essentially the same vegetable, and it tasted good too. And this morning I once again proved that you can make leftover just about anything into enchiladas - I diced the chicken, and combined it with additional cubes of roasted squash, and added some of the winter squash sauce to the enchilada sauce.
  • Yesterday I gt a big fat letter from the IRS claiming that I owe back taxes from 2005 - which naturally made me unfairly curse my brother all the way to work - we have shared equally in our parent's inheritance, but he lives in Washington, where they don't have state taxes, so naturally, I feel like he's getting more than me.

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