Sunday, August 19, 2007

Once a week blogger

This summer I seem to have turned into a once a week 'blogger.

I have been kvetching about all the stresses & strains that have made me thus: teaching a 58-person online course, kid apartment hunting in Milwaukee, etc., etc. ...

This morning, I am sitting in a Courtyard Marriott in Milwaukee, waiting for John to wake up so that we can go pick up the UHaul Van to do his third move job of the summer, into what we hope will finally be the perfect apartment. And praying for the rain to stop, but I believe that prayer will be UN-answered. I just turned in the grades for the 58-person class. And the oh-so-incidental, face-to-face class on the same topic, that I just oh-by-the-way I had to teach last week is all over, too.

So "our long national nightmare" shows signs of coming to an end - I even have a stuff to cook list, for when I get back home tonight:

  • pesto, with the 3 bunches of basil from the Saturday market that are sitting in the fridge
  • eggplant gratin, with the eggplants & tomatoes I got in my veggie box Thursday
  • poblanos & cream, a la Rick Bayless - chiles rajas, probably as an enchilada filling with corn from my 3 ears of corn
  • test a caramelized-onion, cheese & apple grilled sandwich - got to remember to get a good loaf of bread; forgot yesterday
  • something with the rest of the tomatoes, kale & potatoes I also got in the box

Whew! here's to normaility <grin>

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