Thursday, August 23, 2007

Beyond my wildest dreams

Right after I was postulating that if I cooked it they would come, Wednesday night, John called up and said, "what's for dinner, OK if I bring a couple of guys?"

I made roasted poblano quesadillas, a la Rick Bayless - the original recipe says to make fresh corn tortillas with masa harina, and I will try that next time, instead of buying corn tortillas - the filling was delicious, but the wrapping not as good - too hard, not crispy enough.

The star of the night, by my lights, was the calabacitas, squash and corn, made with Matt Smith's baby patty pans, good in this dish because they contain less mositure than zucchini, and fresh corn, and jalpe├▒os - hot and sweet.

Roasted poblano awaiting being dumped into a bowl with a plate on top, so it could steam & be skinned & seeded;
Rajas below

They came, they ate everything - so I had to go grocery shopping this morning, so there'd be food in the house for John, while we are off to Door County.

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