Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bad yogi dreams

My brother was just writing about how, since he's trying to write his 'blog 327 days in a row, he's started having those bad being totally unprepared dreams about 'blog writing (instead of work related stuff). Yesterday I didn't attend a late afternoon yoga class where my good friend Rachael was substitute teaching - she had warned me that the class was in a room in one of the student unions on the UW campus, conveniently right by her office, but no props and not nearly as nice an environment for yoga as where she normally teaches. Last night, I dreamed about showing up for the class without a yoga mat and not dressed right, and dreading having to put my hands on the dusty carpet to do downward facing dog, or even worse, lie down on it. In the dream, someone brought me a flowered fleece blanket, but it had dog hair on it.

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