Monday, April 02, 2007

Sort of seder

The last time I saw my brother on Sunday, aka post-bike ride & post-party, he was "helping his daughter Mimi do her homework" aka nodding out on the couch to the point of snoring in between her questions. Even so, he managed to blog everyday of his birthday weekend, Friday through Sunday. Can I hate him now?

Sunday night we met up with one of our librarian friends and went to dinner at Cafe Flora - I had polenta with greens & cheese on top, but wished I had ordered more from the sides of the menu; had ordered maybe an appetizer & a salad or a soup. The service was quite leisurely; stately - we sat down at 6:25 and left at 8:45. There was a table near us with a cute curly-haired kid, whose mom spent the majority of the meal on her cell phone, and his Dad was only giving him parentally approved bits of food - just a piece of a cracker, not the whole thing that the kid wanted. I already hate them, especially cell-phone mom.

Today, Monday, we spent the day touristing, ferry to Bainbridge Island, walked around, peeked in a closed bike shop's window, and looked at fancy houses, ate breakfast (at 12:30) at the Streamliner Diner. I bought a $30 marble for John at an arts and crafts store (he likes art glass). Then back into town to buy Al a $50 t-shirt at a fancy boarder clothes store, Goods. And then off to Ballard to see Jen's trees, eat a cupcake, and stop by Archie McPhee's.

We finished up with a sort of seder at David's, where we ate vegetarian matzo ball soup, and made a seder plate, and talked about the food that was on it. And the horseradish that I bought at QFC, while not Silver Spring, was about the hottest any of us ever tasted.

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