Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday already

It's my baby brother's 50th birthday today (I'm 18 months older), but the bro's birthday tends not to be much of a cooking occasion for me. Some years I have sent edible treats in the mail; this year we are going to his half century (50 mile) bike ride - though he has carefully set it up so wimps like me need only ride as far as we can.

There's also a party after the ride, so I may make some food for that. We'll be in Seattle for the first night of Passover, too, so I hope to make some vegetarian matzo ball soup, and will probably stuff a Hagadah in my bag. We can at least do our father's Passover prayer:

barukh attah Adonai eloheinu melekh ha-olam,
asher kideshanu bemitzvotav ve-tsivanu lehadlik ner shel yom tov - Let's eat.

Dad always said that because he had done the 5 week bar mitzvah crash course, he could read Hebrew, but not necessarily understand it.

On Sunday, I cooked a comfort food dinner at the supper club house - it reminded me of my years of being the head cook at a co-op dorm. Not fancy, just regular food, and of course trying to cook in my mother's style, not fussing over anything.

Yesterday I went to a conference put together by the Dane County Food Council, Planting the Seeds of Our Future - there were a lot of farmers and cooks and farmers market folks and people who work for non-profit and local government agencies, and a delicious lunch, sourced locally. I think I was thinking of finding some new food-related volunteer opportunities, but in the end I did not put my name on anything.

So I guess it has been another weekend, or span of days, with almost as much talking & thinking about food as much as cooking it.

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