Monday, February 12, 2007


My tea menu:

  • Assorted tea sandwiches: curried chicken, cucumber with dill, cheddar-chutney, olive-walnut, smoked turkey & Swiss
  • Little lime coconut cakes
  • Baby Cheesecakes
  • Assorted scones
  • Teas, Duche de Longueville non-alcoholic cider, and sparkling water
  • Cookies and meringues
  • Fruit
All guests receive a two-piece box of truffles,
made by Madison chocolatier Gail Ambrosius

This picture is:
The Royal Ascot Tea at
Bonney Place,
318 Junction Road,
Clayfield Qld. 4011.
Ph: 07 3357 4299
Australia (near Brisbane)

I made a tea party yesterday, and even though I had some kind of low cooking moments while I was prepping stuff - little lime cakes stuck, and the baby cheesecakes stuck, too - both were temperature problems, I'm pretty sure; in retrospect, I should have let the lime cakes cool in the pans longer - but at least when it came to the cheesecakes I correctly identified the problem and let them sit and warm up just enough so that the congealed oils let go and let the cakes come out of the pans - albeit with a few very faint grey specks from the aluminum pan on some edges - it turned out to be a fun and relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon, with time to sit and talk to guests.

And even though the little lime syrup cakes tasted just as good as ever, they were not entirely eaten, so I now have a bag of the leftover ones in the freezer, that I can do my usual with for stuck cake - make into a trifle.

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