Sunday, February 25, 2007

Joys of winter

John & Als' dad is visiting from California, and John came up from Milwaukee to hang out with him for the weekend, so naturally, Friday night we got about 8 inches of snow, pretty wet stuff, and from 6:00 pm Saturday night on we were under a blizzard warning - supposed to get 7 to 14 inches of new snow. It was whiting out, and coming down at like 1.5 inches per hour, but unfortunately, it warmed up overnight, and this morning there were about 8 inches more of heavy wet stuff to shovel, and it's been sort of raining/snowing all day. The blizzard's off now, but there is still a winter storm warning, 2-4 more inches.

We got up and shoveled here at home, (the novelty for John & Al's dad fast wearing off) and I did just the sidewalk at the supper club house before noon. By the time I got back over there to finish up, there was a layer of slush/water on the bottom. It was like cutting snow blocks to build an igloo, plus there was no place to put the removed snow - I was hoisting shovel loads of heavy wet stuff like 3 feet to get them to the top of the snowbank. I would never have been able to punch through the plow drift at the foot of the driveway if a guy had not come by in a pick up with a plow blade and did two passes and pushed a bunch of the snow to the side - I still had to dig, but at least I had a place to put the snow.

I've sort of been pretending that we're snowed in, foodwise - I made simple lasagna last night because I had everything I needed in the fridge, with cheese focaccia and salad from leftover lettuce in the vegetable drawer.

Lots of cars are completely plowed under, much deeper than these on my street, where they only do one pass of the plow.

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