Monday, February 19, 2007


I made gnocchi last night, and they came out right for the first time. I used leftover garlic mashed potatoes, and I put them through the fine disk on the potato ricer I had lurking in the back of a closet - that I should have remembered to use on other occasions, when I was instead forcing leftover mashed potatoes through a strainer, to get a smooth puree, so I would not have, for example, dinner rolls with little white lumps of potato in them.

I put together three different recipes; Williams-Sonoma, Martha, & I think, because each one seemed to have at least one good piece of advice - like the Martha & Williams-Sonoma recipes gave the potato amount as in "Boil 4 large potatoes, then peel and mash", and did not give a yield for the mash; the other recipe specified cold leftover potatoes, but only in the amount of 1 egg yolk per 1 1/2 cups, while the others seemed to be indicating a ratio of more like 2 eggs to 2- 21/2 cups of potato. The cold leftover potato one had a good method for shaping - use your thumb - but I still had to look on the web for some graphics of gnocchi shaping. Anyways, here's what worked.

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